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25 years of service excellence
25 Years of Service Excellence

Vibraclean’s Story: 25+ Years of Dedicated Service and Industry Leadership

In 1987, Vibraclean’s president Isaac Bazal made an entrepreneurial commitment to raise the level of professionalism and integrity in the commercial cleaning industry. Holding to this vision of excellence, Vibraclean focused on providing great service to each client. We have grown steadily for over 25 years, attracting major contracts and rapidly becoming a reputable cleaning firm staffed by proud employees.

Our objective is to grow selectively and organically through providing exceptional client-tailored service. We have been fortunate to experience growth from within each of our client organizations and from the referrals they generate.

Many of Vibraclean’s clients have unique site-specific requirements, and we take pride in addressing them with proactively designed solutions. In this niche-oriented business, we are pleased to note our staying power and feel assured by our positive client feedback and regular referrals.

Through our many years of business growth, and the growth of customers we serve, Vibraclean has carefully attended to every aspect of successful service delivery. In each phase of new or enlarging projects, we provide responsive, flexible and superior support, ensuring continuity and excellence, the cornerstones of our business. The value and quality we offer extends well beyond cleaning.

Our decision-making and daily activities are guided by integrity, safety and the framework of respect we have for our employees and the environment. We empower our workers with the very best training and equipment available and support them with effective supervision and open communication.

Personal and professional growth of our team members is strongly encouraged, and our employees are proud to deliver a level of service that exceeds expectation. The result of this proactively created work environment is great productivity and long-term service. When that happens, our customers are delighted and we all benefit.

Vibraclean has had the opportunity to expand across several provinces as the national janitorial services provider with a large client. We now have contracts in AB, SK, NB, QC and NS.

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