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Mitigating Risks

We clearly understand the risks – for our clients and our company – that may exist around every corner in our industry and in the facilities we service. Vibraclean complies with all municipal, provincial, and federal legislation that is applicable to our business.
Our employees receive thorough training in regulations that pertain to the workplace, including:

Safety guidelines
Occupational Health & Safety Act (OSHA), with oversight by Vibraclean’s Health and Safety Committee
Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) administered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Sheets (WHMIS)

Employment requirements
Regulatory Compliance, mitigating risk Employment Standards Act (ESA)

Human rights
Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC)
Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA)
Canada Labour Code (CLC)

Specialized environment codes and requirements are followed to the letter whenever applicable, such as those governed by the following federal guidelines:
Health Canada
The Canadian Standards Act (CSA)

Staff members also learn the specific recycling guidelines for each municipality in which the facilities we serve are located.

We ensure the appropriate training and compliance with any standards that may be required by your organization.

Vibraclean has experience in many challenging environments.If an emergency arises, we have immediate access to expert advice. By working with us, clients reduce their risk and their day-to-day responsibility, because we keep track of the evolving regulatory requirements of our industry and ensure that our staff training is up-to-date with compliance information.

The mitigation of risk is accomplished through intentional preparedness and prevention.

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