Vibraclean’s Story

30+ Years of Dedicated Service and Industry Leadership

In 1987, Vibraclean’s president Isaac Bazal made an entrepreneurial commitment to raise the level of professionalism and integrity in the commercial cleaning industry. Holding to this vision of excellence, Vibraclean focused on providing great service to each client. We have grown steadily for over 25 years, attracting major contracts and rapidly becoming a reputable cleaning firm staffed by proud employees.

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Our objective is to provide exceptional client-tailored service. We have been fortunate to experience growth from within each of our client organizations and from the referrals they generate.

Many of Vibraclean’s clients have unique site-specific requirements, and we take pride in addressing them with proactively designed solutions. We are pleased to note our staying power and feel assured by our positive client feedback and regular referrals.

Through our many years of business growth, and the growth of customers we serve, Vibraclean has carefully attended to every aspect of successful service delivery. In each phase of new or enlarging projects, we provide responsive, flexible and superior support, ensuring continuity and excellence, the cornerstones of our business. The value and quality we offer extends well beyond cleaning.

Our decision-making and daily activities are guided by integrity, safety and the framework of respect we have for our employees and the environment. We empower our workers with the very best training and equipment available and support them with effective supervision and open communication.

Personal and professional growth of our team members is strongly encouraged, and our employees are proud to deliver a level of service that exceeds expectation. The result of this proactively created work environment is great productivity and long-term service. When that happens, our customers are delighted and we all benefit.

Vibraclean has had the opportunity to expand across several provinces as the national janitorial services provider with a large client. We now have contracts in AB, SK, NB, QC and NS.

Working Proactively

To ensure that service levels are exceeded

Vibraclean seeks to develop a close understanding of our customers’ facilities, and we tailor our services to meet their unique needs. Vibraclean is well known for its integrity in the industry as well as consistently maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

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The magic of great quality comes from monitoring the pulse of each facility and working proactively to ensure that service levels are exceeded

We service approximately 50 clients and facilities, many of which have unique and highly specialized requirements.

Vibraclean’s customer-focused management takes the time to get to know each client and facility, its unique environment and requirements, its existing staff and associated agreements, and then provides the appropriate level of service with trained staff. Vibraclean also assesses the risks involved, and ensures all practices are in full compliance with government regulations and our client’s policies. Once we have started with a new customer, we immediately seek out ways to help save them money or increase efficiencies.

Our Core Competencies

We ensure proper delivery of Quality Service

Vibraclean’s staying power and ability to grow in a highly competitive environment reflect our most valuable core competencies:

Lasting relationships, built in partnership with our customers. Consistent, excellent, safe and effective service delivery. Best practices at all levels of our industry facility management provision. Ability to adjust and adapt to work environments and production schedules. Difficult problem resolution and assistance in facility management issues.Taking on unique site projects with cost-effective and value-added solutions. Rich repertoires of alternatives that save our customers money.

Performance, Feedback

Supportive management and monitored performance

Standardized processes and procedures provide an objective measuring tool with which Vibraclean evaluates our performance. We monitor each contract site through our audit system with unannounced supervisory inspections by managers who are familiar with specific service requirements.

We apply objective and measurable standards, note and reinforce successes, document any performance exceptions and quickly address them. Vibraclean encourages our own service personnel to provide comments and suggestions about workplace issues and potential improvements in our services.

Vibraclean responsively supports you, our customer, with clear and open communication.

Client communication and feedback are valuable to us. We encourage your suggestions and comments about building cleanliness and satisfaction. When customers speak, we listen, learn and give solutions you can count on.

Vibraclean has an ongoing management commitment to the resources, training, oversight and evaluation that assure quality performance at all levels of our organization.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the high retention of our client portfolio and in the diverse markets we serve.

Janitorial services for corporate environments


Sanitation is another word for cleaning. Both words have the same meaning, removing visible contamination and debris and dramatically lowering the number of germs on the surface.


Disinfection reduces the number of microbes to a point beyond the level of sanitizing so that the number of pathogenic microbes is so low, it is extremely unlikely to harbor harmful microbes.

best practices


Mitigating Risks

We clearly understand the risks – for our clients and our company – that may exist around every corner in our industry and in the facilities we service. Vibraclean complies with all municipal, provincial, and federal legislation that is applicable to our business.
Our employees receive thorough training in regulations that pertain to the workplace, including:

Safety guidelines
 Occupational Health & Safety Act (OSHA), with oversight by Vibraclean’s Health and Safety Committee
 Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) administered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)
 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Sheets (WHMIS)

Employment requirements
Regulatory Compliance, mitigating risk Employment Standards Act (ESA)

Human rights
 Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC)
 Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA)
 Canada Labour Code (CLC)

Specialized environment codes and requirements are followed to the letter whenever applicable, such as those governed by the following federal guidelines:
 Health Canada
 The Canadian Standards Act (CSA)

Staff members also learn the specific recycling guidelines for each municipality in which the facilities we serve are located.

We ensure the appropriate training and compliance with any standards that may be required by your organization.

Vibraclean has experience in many challenging environments.If an emergency arises, we have immediate access to expert advice. By working with us, clients reduce their risk and their day-to-day responsibility, because we keep track of the evolving regulatory requirements of our industry and ensure that our staff training is up-to-date with compliance information.

The mitigation of risk is accomplished through intentional preparedness and prevention.



Pharma, MD labs
LPs Cannabis Facility

Commercial Cleaning Services-Consistent Cleaning Services Quality Service Across Multiple Sites





Full Janitorial

Floor Care & Maintenance Service








Working at Heights

Confined Space

Combustible Dust

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