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Fair Employment of All Workers

Fair Employment of All Workers 2017-03-18T14:49:55-04:00

Media focus, specifically from the Toronto Star, over the past few years has exposed widespread unethical practices in our industry.

In many cases, unethical cleaning contractors have been found to take advantage of front-line staff, precarious workers and new Canadians, bypassing detection through a maze of subcontractors. Cloaking of unfair business practices allows such employers to circumvent their responsibility to fairly compensate all workers.

Vibraclean does not engage in such unethical practices. Protecting our reputation and our customers’ reputations is of the upmost importance to us.

At Vibraclean, we know that our workers are our greatest resource. We take a stand for the fair employment and compensation of all workers. Safe and healthy regard for each worker’s welfare is of the utmost concern to the ways we shape our policies, training methods and daily on-site support.

Please check the link below to see the full media stories.
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