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Our Cleaning Teams

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Vibraclean Teams at Work

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Teams at Work

Best Practices for Best Results.

“We are in the business of developing great cleaning teams and making these teams work for the facilities we service.” Isaac Bazal’s words capture the essence of our HR intentions. Vibraclean’s employees are trustworthy, dependable, reliable and secure. Our team spirit infuses their daily activities with a sense of pride and purpose.

Clients reduce their risk by working with us, because we keep track of the evolving regulatory requirements of our industry and ensure Vibraclean staff training is in full compliance with all municipal, provincial, and federal legislation applicable to our business. Strict guidelines ensure proper screening of our employees.

  • We verify identity with two pieces of photo identification.
  • We check Social Identification Numbers with Service Canada to make certain the candidate and SIN match and each is legally entitled to work in Canada.
  • We verify past experience and character references to assure we hire reliable employees with necessary experience levels.
  • We ascertain the employee will be able to adequately speak, read and write English. This fluency is necessary so that all instructions, guidelines and regulations are understood and strictly followed.

At Vibraclean, we ensure police and security checks for each employee are completed and fully reviewed prior to training and being assigned to a client’s site. Where required, employees mandating higher levels of security clearance face further checks. All employees have an understanding of our organization and objectives. At every level, Vibraclean staffs work together in the best interests of each client. We’re here to keep our client facilities in the best condition possible. Our respect and care for our cleaning teams result in respectful care of each Vibraclean housekeeping site.

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