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Performance and Feedback

Performance and Feedback 2017-03-18T14:49:57-04:00
Vibraclean Best Practices

Supportive management and monitored performance ensure consistent delivery of a quality, proven cleaning system that works for each client.

Standardized processes and procedures provide an objective measuring tool with which Vibraclean evaluates our performance. We monitor each contract site through our audit system with unannounced supervisory inspections by managers who are familiar with specific service requirements.

We apply objective and measurable standards, note and reinforce successes, document any performance exceptions and quickly address them.Vibraclean encourages our own service personnel to provide comments and suggestions about workplace issues and potential improvements in our services.

Vibraclean responsively supports you, our customer, with clear and open communication.

Client communication and feedback are valuable to us. We encourage your suggestions and comments about building cleanliness and satisfaction. When customers speak, we listen, learn and give solutions you can count on.

Vibraclean has an ongoing management commitment to the resources, training, oversight and evaluation that assure quality performance at all levels of our organization. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the high retention of our client portfolio and in the diverse markets we serve.

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