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Contamination Control Development & Implementation

Our experts know prevention and planning is the key to mitigate contamination risks.

Understanding the needs of your critical environments lends to the ability to address contamination concerns.

Vibraclean’s team of contamination control experts are here to help build out and plan the strategies necessary to address contamination concerns affecting your facility.

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10+ Years of Experience Operating inside Cleanrooms


Regulatory Compliance Experts


Third Party Bio Decontamination Validation


Committed to reducing carbon footprint and preserving natural resources


Developing Robust Contamination Control Strategies, Defining Critical Control Points, New Facility Setup, Sterility Program change management, technical writing, facility controls, SOP development.


CMO’s, CDMO’s, Clinical Research facilities, compounding pharmacy.


This applies to: Health Canada, FDA, NAPRA, ISO Standards, CFIA.


Shutdowns, mitigate risk, work together to increase output and manage process.


What is Vibraclean Bio Decontamination Service?

Vibraclean Bio Decontamination Service is a fully inclusive and managed decontamination solution that uses Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour to eradicate microorganisms from the environment. It can be used for a multitude of reasons. Learn more here.

How long will it take for Vibraclean to decontaminate my area for me?

Each situation is unique and we will work with you to provide an accurate assessment according to our knowledge from experience.

Will I have to close the whole building during this process?

Typically all adjacent areas can remain occupied with no disruption to your other working areas. We will also monitor the exterior of the area during decontamination as part of our safety procedures.

What type of documentation do I receive with this service?

Vibraclean Bio Decontamination Service is supported by documentation including full site surveys, safety information, risk assessment, method statement, detailed reporting confirming results and more.

Is my space too large or difficult to decontaminate?

Whether you have operational and logistical concerns or the scope of the project is expansive, we will most likely be able to meet your decontamination needs thanks to the adaptability and scalability of Vibraclean Bio Decontamination Service.

Can you decontaminate equipment only with this service?

Absolutely. Please contact us to discuss further.

Can I leave my equipment in the area?

Yes – and we encourage you to do so. Equipment that has been removed will then have to be put back, adding extra work and risk of introducing a contaminant.



Take a few minutes to tell us about your project. Our specialists and subject matter experts are available to you for a 30 minute no obligation consultative meeting. NDA’s are encouraged and welcome.

Once we have a clear understanding of your goals we may include some subject matter experts to the initial. Let’s get this conversation started. Tell us a bit about what you are looking for, and we will get back to you soon.

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