About Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging

12 02, 2022

Manual Sporicide vs. iHP: A Comparison


The Importance of Cleaning Practices for your Cleanroom Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. Vibraclean has 30 years working to eliminate and sterilize cleanroom facilities across Canada and [...]

Manual Sporicide vs. iHP: A Comparison2022-06-07T11:33:26-04:00
12 02, 2022

Overview Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging


Overview Hydrogen Peroxide FoggingHydrogen Peroxide Fogging is a method of decontamination that releases aerosolized hydrogen peroxide into enclosed areas. Because of its ability to work on a molecular level, hydrogen [...]

Overview Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging2022-04-20T09:39:14-04:00
12 02, 2021

Fogging with iHP, VHP or HPV


Fogging with iHP, VHP or HPV It is important to identify the different hydrogen peroxide systems that are in use today, the different abbreviations associated with each and to [...]

Fogging with iHP, VHP or HPV2022-04-20T09:40:46-04:00
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