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Pressurized Steam Cleaning Service Benefits

Pressurized Steam Cleaning Service Benefits 2017-03-18T14:49:54-04:00

Benefits To Your Facility

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Steam quickly kills 99% of viruses, germs, bacteria, and pathogens.

Steam uses heat and pressure to deep clean a variety of surfaces. Plus, it only contains about 5% water, allowing surfaces and fabrics to dry right before your eyes. There is no risk of mold or mildew.
The higher the steam temperature, the more efficient of a disinfectant steam becomes, making it easier to clean. Steam cleaners reach temperatures up to 118°C / 245°F. These temperatures are guaranteed to kill viruses, bacteria, molds, or any other contaminants effortlessly, making steam cleaners ideal for environments where these nasty organisms can spread easily.

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Control allergies and eliminate dust mites with steam.

Allergies are a serious health problem. Dust, dust mites, pollution, smoke, pollen, chemicals and other allergens surround us daily, affecting our quality of life. A major cause of allergy symptom distress is inadequate cleaning. Unfortunately, most vacuums and brooms are not effective enough when it comes to controlling allergens. Our specialized line of steam cleaning equipment is essential for getting rid of dust mites and controlling allergies. Steam cleaners can be used all around your facility to get rid of dust mites, allergens, and other organisms.

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Sanitize and disinfect high traffic areas and washrooms.

Take advantage of superior sanitization with steam. Steam cleaners are completely safe for use around building occupants staff. They are quiet so as not to disturb occupants, but effective when it comes to tackling a wide variety of cleaning tasks. As an eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution, they can help facilities minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing their sanitization power.

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Effectively remove odors from your facility with steam.

Steam cleaners remove odors that are trapped in sofas, couches, chairs, carpets and rugs. The heat mixed with the low moisture opens pores, getting deep down to neutralize odors. Steam is far more effective than traditional cleaning methods when it comes to air freshening anywhere in your facility.
Steam gives the power to clean and disinfect your entire facility without relying on harsh chemicals, keeping your occupants safer.

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