Sanitation is a term used for general cleaning. It does not include the killing or removal of all pathogens, nor does it imply any effect on spores. Removal of trash counts as a sanitation practice, or using a product identified as 99.9%, 3-log kill.

Disinfection is a term used in describing a process of removing or reducing pathogens. It does not achieve a complete kill nor does it imply any effect on spores, satisfactory for food surfaces, but disinfection is a 99.99% or 4-log kill, it has been said that the leaving behind of one organism (depending on the organism) can cause the death of a human. SteraMist™ BIT™ is an EPA Registered Disinfectant.

Sterilization is a term used to describe the elimination, removal, killing or deactivation of all forms of life and other biological agents. SteraMist™ BIT™ achieves this maximum level of clean with the SteraMist™ Environment System which eliminates 99.9999% of Clostridium difficile spore (C. diff), or a 6-log kill, the standard for sterilization. SteraMist™ BIT™ is currently used throughout the world as a Sterilant, and currently in the United States as an EPA registered Healthcare-Hospital Disinfectant.

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