Vibraclean Decontamination Services in Canada with UV Light

Decontamination Services in Canada with UV Light

With 30 years experience in decontamination services and clean room services in North America Vibraclean has the most cutting edge and effective technologies at our disposal. UV Stands for Ultraviolet which is a light that also comes from the sun. UV has 3 commonly known wavelengths: A & B which pass through the ozone layer shorter of the wavelengths. UV-C is harmful to microbes and is a germicidal.

UV light operates at a shorter wavelength than all visible light. The UV wavelength can penetrate viruses, bacteria, and other infectious particles and cause physical destruction. The destruction of these particles renders them unable to infect and therefore disinfects the surface, liquid, or air where they were living. Vibraclean is committed to the best industrial, commercial, and pharmaceutical decontamination and cleaning possible, schedule a no pressure call today!

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