DC, Warehouse, Storage Facility Cleaning Services

Warehouse post-construction cleaning


Professional Warehouse cleaning for new construction & after renovations

We work with general contractors to deliver a clean space after construction is complete. This involves meeting all dead lines and adjusting our schedule (usually after hours) to ensure job is completed and delivered clean.


Deep Scrubbing of Warehouse floors to remove oil, dirt and grease build up

We deep scrub, double scrub and utilize equipment & detergents that work to remove oil, grease, tire marks, and dirt from your floors. Our service is available after hours and weekends and we work around your production schedule.

Specializing in large area warehouse and manufacturing facilities.


Cleaning Warehouse racking, dock plates, and general clean up

We clean racking, wipe clean and power wash as needed. General clean up of warehouse and high level cleaning of racking and beams to reduce dust in your facility.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Warehouse Cleaning Programs

Vibraclean delivers programs to keep your warehouse clean and looking its best. We supply trained labour, machines, PM service, equipment and all tools and chemicals. We work with facility managers to taylor a program that will fit your facilities needs. We are transparent with our prices and look for cost effective delivery of service.