Frederick 911 Communications Center Decontamination


TOMI is proud to announce that its local Operations Headquarters Frederick 911 Communications Center purchased a SteraMist Surface Unit to be used throughout its office to combat COVID-19, quickly promoting it within days through an article in The Frederick News-Post: Top-of-the-line disinfecting device delivered to county 911 call center.

TOMI’s innovative SteraMist technology has become a trusted partner with growing number of first responder and front-line agencies in the implementation and maintenance of their decontamination and disinfection protocols. The Frederick County Maryland Emergency Management and Public Safety team comprises the region’s critical 911 call center and is now a new patron of the EPA-registered SteraMist solution to help combat against COVID-19.

SteraMist is ideally suited for repeated application to sensitive equipment without leaving residue and damaging surfaces. Additionally, the fine particle mist that moves like a gas is effective in reaching all areas and fixtures of a room, including crevice spaces between desks and cubicle structures. SteraMist will help to safeguard the 24/7 first responder staff from contracting COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria, preventing crucial operations from being jeopardized. These critical, highly trained staff members are a necessary resource for the community and not easily replaced should they fall ill. By eliminating pathogens in their working environments, SteraMist disinfection can provide protection for their well-being and the agency’s operations.

Check out the County Spotlight: SteraMist Decontamination Unit video testimonial.

Dr. Halden Shane, CEO of TOMI, states, “Emergency operation enterprises have continued to rely upon the SteraMist solution to decontaminate their critical operation environments. SteraMist, previously utilized by mainly the hospital and healthcare industry for enhanced disinfection, is proving to be the new way to provide disinfection. The technology application demand has evolved to include a much wider scope of platforms that now include emergency management providers. TOMI’s ongoing mission is to help customers create healthier living and working spaces, as well as other surrounding environments.”

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