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Day Porters and Matrons

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When Cleanliness Simply Can’t Wait

Scheduling the arrival of dirt would be ideal, but the reality is that maintaining your spotless image during peak times requires a day porter or matron to maintain restrooms and kitchens, remove trash, clean smooth surfaces and other soil incidentals that occur during a typical business day.

Day porter

No matter what timing may be ideal for you, our experienced, uniformed cleaning specialists are ready to be of service to you during the day for basic housekeeping duties.

Hard floor cleaning.
Maintaining carpets Disinfecting surfaces.
Moving furniture, trash carts and supplies.
Periodic emptying of trash and recyclables.
Setting up for meetings and special functions.
Performing general custodial duties as required.
Cleaning and replenishing supplies in washrooms.
Cleaning of kitchen, lunchroom and common areas.

Vibraclean understands the importance of constant cleanliness.

Call us. It’s easier than you think.

Day porter

Day porter

Day porter

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