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Special Events, Venues

Special Events, Venues 2017-03-18T14:49:58-04:00
27 Years of Service Excellence

We can organize cleaners to be on the premises to clean and set-up prior, during and after your your special event.

Whether it’s World Youth Day, an outdoor Rolling Stones fund-raising concert or a Corporate Trade Show or Conference, Vibraclean’s reliable, quality cleaning services contribute to the success of many unique and challenging events.

Special Events, Venues

We Do Whatever It Takes

Arranging furnishings and seating.
Glass and mirror cleaning.
Grass repairs.
Emptying trash and recycling receptacles.
Smudge and graffiti removal.
Restroom cleanup and sanitizing.
Floor care.
Cleaning and sanitizing water fountains.

Vibraclean understands the importance of prompt response to customer requests.

We recognize the need for safety protocol and facility scheduling demands.

We can assure quality pre- and post-event cleaning and event porter services and best of all–We know the meaning of a deadline.

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