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Developing a Cleaning Strategy for your Cleanroom Facility

To maintain your cleanroom classification and protect the quality of your product it is important to develop an appropriate cleaning strategy for your facility. You must take into consideration the room classifications…

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DELLCAN-Cell & Gene Therapy Revolution Strategic Forum 2022

CellCAN is proud to announce that it will be hosting a third edition of the Cell & Gene Therapy Revolution Strategic Forum in Ottawa, from September 19 to 21, 2022 CellCAN is a Canadian network focused on advancing cell and gene therapy manufacturing under GMP through the deployment of standards for training that implement best practices. CellCAN is proud to organize the third pan-Canadian Strategic Forum on the cell & gene therapy [...]

Developing a Cleaning Strategy for your Cleanroom Facility

Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. What You Need To Know About Cleaning Room Services With 30 years experience with different cleaning agents, safety processes and risk assessments, Vibraclean is here to help in Cleanroom services in Canada and maintain your cleanroom classification and protect the quality of your products. Your Cleanroom facility must take into consideration the room classifications that you must maintain, the appropriate cleaning frequencies for your different areas [...]

Disinfecting with the Power of Light

With 30 years experience in decontamination services and clean room services in North America Vibraclean has the most cutting edge and effective technologies at our disposal. UV Stands for Ultraviolet which is a light that also comes from the sun. UV has 3 commonly known wavelengths: A & B which pass through the ozone layer shorter of the wavelengths. UV-C is harmful to microbes and is a germicidal. UV light operates at a shorter [...]

Dangers to your Cleanroom Cleanliness

Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. Depending on your global location, the product you are manufacturing, or what regulatory body you are working under, your facility may have different requirements for maintaining cleanliness or aseptic conditions. However, one factor is common across all – you must avoid or minimize the introduction of contamination (viable and non-viable particles), this can safely be done with our cleanroom facility services. Your cleanroom has been [...]

The Importance of Cleaning Practices for your Cleanroom

Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. What is A Cleanroom? A cleanroom is defined as: A room designed, maintained, and controlled to prevent particle and microbiological contamination of drug products. Such a room is assigned and reproducibly meets an appropriate air cleanliness classification.” FDA: Guidance for Industry – Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing. From this definition we see that it really is in the name – a room in which [...]

Cleanroom Classifications (using ISO 14644-1)

Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. Classification of laboratory and cleanroom spaces can be divided into two main categories. Category 1 is classified based on air cleanliness, and category 2 is based on biosafety or containment requirements. The distinguishing feature on what type of classification you should be considering is based on the activity that will be carried out in the space. In this article we will be talking about classification of [...]


How to use and validate iHP Cycles

Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) iHP is hydrogen peroxide which is split into reactive oxygen species (ROS) by Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) that increases the efficacy and effectiveness of its use as a disinfectant. iHP is also classified as a sterilant, meaning that it can achieve sterilization of a surface, material, or room. As a sterilant it can eradicate all types [...]

Clean Room Services, Decontamination and Biological Indicators (BIs)

Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. What is a BI? Vibraclean has over 30 years experience in decontamination services and GMP services in canada, cleaning rooms and biological sterilization is our expertise! A biological indicator is broadly defined as a characterized preparation of a specific microorganism that provides a defined and stable resistance to a specific sterilization process. Microorganisms widely recognized as suitable for biological indicators are spore-forming bacteria because these microorganisms are [...]

Manual Sporicide vs. iHP: A Comparison

Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. Vibraclean has 30 years working to eliminate and sterilize cleanroom facilities across Canada and the US. In this article we will explore the best approach and guidelines to dealing with biological sterilization of spores and bacteria offering the most effective and trustworthy decontamination and fogging service in Canada and beyond. What is a Sporicide A sporicide (or sporicidal agent) is a chemical disinfectant which is effective [...]

Overview Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging

Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging is a method of decontamination that releases aerosolized hydrogen peroxide into enclosed areas. Because of its ability to work on a molecular level, hydrogen peroxide fogging is a much more efficient and effective way of eliminating microbes than manual cleaning. Aerosolized hydrogen peroxide gets into every nook and cranny of an indoor environment, ensuring all areas are decontaminated. In fact, it’s the only way to know with certainty that your [...]

Fogging with iHP, VHP or HPV

It is important to identify the different hydrogen peroxide systems that are in use today, the different abbreviations associated with each and to highlight the differences between them. VHP refers to vaporised hydrogen peroxide and is a trademark of Steris who were one of the original pioneers in hydrogen peroxide technology. This decontamination process is reliant on a high vapour phase concentration which is achieved by initial dehumidification of the air. The process uses [...]

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