Nilfisk introduces the white line – industrial vacuums for the pharmaceutical and OEM markets. With industry-leading application knowledge, Nilfisk tailored the white line to meet manufacturer’s requests: innovative safety solutions, easy-to-clean design and new special features. Sleek design, ease-of-use, quiet operation and reliability make the white line the most popular where hygiene is essential.

Nilfisk GM 80CR


The Nilfisk GM 80CR is a variation of the GM 80 – the vacuum cleaner that has become a vacuum icon in a variety of industries.

Lightweight, portable and quiet, the GM 80CR is perfect for use in cleanrooms, research labs and other critical environments. Four-stage filtration system includes a 2 1/4-gallon paper bag, main filter, microfilter and ULPA exhaust filter. A conductive hose and accessories provide ESD protection.

Nilfisk VHW211


Small but powerful, for automated applications

The new industrial vacuum designed to be placed next to the process machine when small space is available and high performances are needed. The VHW211 is the new 0,85kW industrial vacuum cleaner conceived to be placed next to the process machine in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging, laser and OEM applications. The small footprint makes it suitable for any location in these applications while the powerful motor makes it ideal when high performances are needed .

Nilfisk VHS110 CR


The single phase industrial vacuum cleaner for Wet&Dry cleanroom applications.

The VHS110 CR is the innovative Wet&Dry single phase vacuum cleaner for cleanroom. The GMP design and the stainless steel execution make it extremely easy to clean and sanitize. The ULPA15 downstream filter installed on all the CR machines avoids contamination of the cleanroom area by the unit, as well the optional upstream HEPA14 or ULPA15 filter secure the highest filtration efficiency in case of very fine dust. The innovative PullClean system allows an effectively cleaning of the M Class star filter while the vacuum is running, without need to stop it. The unit can be easily upgraded with optional mechanical floater to stop the vacuuming when the maximum level of liquid is reached in the 37 liter capacity container.