Post construction cleaning service in Ontario.

Building out a cleanroom and adjacent environments is a multi-stage construction process. Particular protocols must be maintained at each stage of the construction to ensure the integrity of the cleanroom.

Vibraclean GMP cleaners meet the standards outlined in the Scope of Work and complete their work in the agreed time frame to avoid project delays. All Vibraclean GMP cleaners arrive outfitted with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

After post construction cleaning, the room is ready is for pre-validation cleaning. This further reduces particles and residue levels to within desired operating parameters.

Post Construction Cleaning Service

Level 1

Clean Construction
During Level 1, cleanliness begins to take on more importance. To start, conduct daily and hourly cleanups using vacuums and start using a daily cleaning service. There should be no unnecessary trash or debris in the cleanroom area.

We recommend using multiple rugs as well as sticky mats to prevent dirt from entering. This is also the post construction cleaning stage to conduct particle counts.

Post Construction Cleaning Service

Level 2

Pre Cleanroom Construction
In Level 2, control and limit access to the cleanroom area. First, establish a smock room/airlock for entry/exit with an air cleaner. Workers must wear booties in the area and use sticky mats on floors. In addition, no wood, cardboard or paper are allowed in the area.

A HEPA vacuum is required for cleanup after all cutting/drilling in the cleanroom. Further, the air systems should be on, but not the filter fan units.

Post Construction Cleaning Service

Level 3

Active Cleanroom Construction
Level 3 is for finishing details and is the most restrictive in post construction cleaning. It includes all the precautions of Level 2, plus several additional steps.

Workers must use a designated smock room and have limited access at this stage. Before entering the cleanroom, workers must be fully smocked. This includes wearing lab coats or coveralls, hair/beard nets, booties and gloves and mask.

The recirculation air system should also be employed to continuously clean the air.

Vibraclean offers routine cleanroom maintenance on daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Contact us to learn more about a customized cleanroom cleaning schedule or post construction cleaning services.