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Pass Certification The First Time.

Once a cleanroom is built and all equipment is installed, a meticulous pre-validation cleaning is required.

Not only do Vibraclean GMP cleaners meet the standards outlined in the Scope of Work, they complete their work in the agreed time frame to avoid project delays.

All Vibraclean GMP cleaners arrive outfitted with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to conduct the pre-validation cleaning services.

Vibraclean-Pre Validation Cleaning Services

We follow your existing SOP or, in the case of a new facility, review your proposed cleaning plan and offer suggestions on how best to achieve the cleanliness target.

Pre-validation cleaning is a comprehensive multi-stage process.

The process concentrates on all top, bottom, and vertical cleanroom surfaces. For example, this includes ceilings, walls, floors, benches and fittings. We remove contaminants where necessary through disinfection.

Vibraclean-Pre Validation Cleaning Services.

In addition, Vibraclean GMP cleaners are thorough in their work. We review site-specific procedures, and work in a systematic way for pre-validation cleaning.

Our cleaners gown up appropriately with all necessary PPE equipment, too. We complete your compliance paperwork and oversee all our work to achieve the desired results

Vibraclean-Pre Validation Cleaning Services. Pass certification the first time.

We have capability to supply trained cleanroom cleaners and equipment for periodic major cleans.

This can save you from sourcing and training extra labour, outfitting them with the proper cleaning gear, and supervising their performance.

Our pre-validation cleaning expertise enhances your ability to pass certification the first time.