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Bio Decontamination Validation

According to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations, FDA guidance and USP <1072> manufacturers of finished bio pharmaceutical products must demonstrate that harmful residues or organisms are properly removed during cleaning to predetermined safety levels, thus eliminating contamination of manufacturing equipment.

Vibraclean team has extensive knowledge and field experience.
We support you with robust and accurate validation documentation of our systems.

  • SOP development & collaboration
  • Selection of biological and chemical indicators
  • 3rd party validation services
  • Cycle development
  • Cleanroom and HVAC solutions for Bio decontamination

Vibraclean offers a full suite of decontamination and safety action plan services to meet your exacting needs. Contact us to learn more about our Canada-wide on-site services. Additional services we provide include cleanroom pre-validation cleaning, routine cleanroom cleaning, HVAC decontamination, and iHP fogging. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust Vibraclean to develop an effective decontamination plan for your business.