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Carpet and upholstery care

Low Moisture Carpet Care for busy 24/7 locations

Low moisture carpet care is ideal for busy 24/7 locations or when you need a fast turn around.
Our teams and process specializes in completing very large areas (100,000 sq ft +) in a very short period of time in a cost effective manner.

We utilized and have tested nearly all major manufacturers equipment and products and utilize the best process for your needs. We are vendor neutral and a Certified Contractor for The Carpet and Rug Institute.

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Static Dissipative Carpet Treatment

Operational Grade Static Dissipative Carpet

Vibraclean can convert your existing standard carpeting at a fraction of the cost of static control carpet tiles.

We apply a low to no odor product , long lasting (2 year plus life expectancy) and meet stringent VCO emissions standards. Reduces static charge even on people wearing standard shoes.

Your standard carpet is transformed Operational Grade Static Dissipative Carpet thus helping control the damaging effects caused by the electrostatic discharge of sophisticated electronics. This level of static conductivity fully meets a multitude of high level standards such as ATIS-0600321, Motorola R56(c.3.3 flooring) and FAA STD 019E.

Significantly reduces static by providing electrical conductivity that is considered safe and is approved for use around Energized Equipment.
Measurable resistivity- test like expensive carpet tiles

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Steam Clean, Steam Clean Sanitize

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Upholstery Services

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