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All Specialized Cleaning projects are performed by our in-house Vibraclean staff.

By training and utilizing our staff we eliminate sub-contractors and have full control over quality and standards with each project.

All projects (big or small) are carefully planned and executed efficiently with staff and supervisors who are experienced and focused on delivering quality.

Specialized Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning

to meet H&S legislation.

Vibraclean works with you to develop a plan that may include includes:
Air monitoring
PPE (individual PPE, respiratory protection, harnesses etc)
Confined Space Certified Rescue Team and Rescue Plan
Confined Space Certified Supervisor
All relevant equipment, Certifications and Licences as needed
A schedule that works with your production cycle.

One of the images attached is Emergency Plan /Safety Plan overview of cleaning a confined space above a curing oven and mitigating combustible dust.

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Combustion dust mitigation in Class 1 room

Combustible dust poses a very real threat at your facility.

Combustible Dust is a well-known fire and explosion hazard. The best mitigation strategy is to minimize the accumulation of combustible dust in the general workplace.

Vibraclean has the expertise, the right staff, and certified equipment necessary to get the job done.

Vibraclean works with Facility Managers, Plant Maintenance Departments and Insurance Companies to come up with solutions that are right for your facility.

Contact us 416-505-4007 to learn more about our services & expertise in this field.

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Mold Remediation

Vibraclean works with customers and H&S professionals to eliminate mold.
We assist companies with lab reports, planning the work, determining the cause of the problem, and coming up with a solution to mitigate the mold.
Each project is unique and we come up with a solution for all stakeholders.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Vibraclean does Commercial kitchen cleaning for scheduled shut downs, concerns with Health Inspections or when a deep cleaning is past due.
From floors, to all surfaces of equipment, and inside of equipment & the cleaning of vents, cleaning of filters and duct cleaning including roof fans in any facility.
TSSA certified contractors for all inspections with exhaust fans, vents and hoods.

We have powerful products and high pressure steam equipment to look after most demanding needs.

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Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning

Deep scrubbing a commercial kitchen floor after many months of neglect and insufficient maintenance program.

Client needed to meet Health Inspection needs and corrective action for their JHSC.

All equipment moved and deep scrubbing and cleaning of floors and walls using the right chemicals, equipment and resources to do an effective job.

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Working at Heights

Working at Heights

This project required Vibraclean to clean inside a glass elevator shaft.
Objective for cleaning was to remove / dust accumulated from elevator grease and to clean the glass and frames.
Number one objective was safety. We worked with elevator company technician for every shift. Each shaft was shut down to public.
All work was done by working from the top of the elevators. Some good pictures with this project.

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Working at Heights, Difficult Atrium Cleaning

Working at Heights,High Level Internal Windows and Atrium Cleaning,Spider Lift,Aerial Work Platform

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Commercial and industrial floor care, gallery,portfolio

ESD Floor. Protecting your sensitive manufacturing areas

Vibraclean can provide a protective layer for all ESD conductive vinyl, non conductive VCT and standard vinyl.
Our product will improves the reduction of tribocharging without significantly altering the electrical resistivity of your ESD floors.

We are an experienced contractor for this specialized application and will ensure job is done correctly with measurable results.

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ESD Floor Restoration

Many years of dirt, grime, scratches, marks removed from permanent Epoxy Coatings on concrete.
Vibraclean deep cleans and restores these areas.

Vibraclean understands the sensitive nature of ESD floor coatings and floor surfaces.We have worked with most manufacturers and applicators to restore these floors to the best condition possible.

Customers utilize our ESD restoration service:
to prepare for visitors
assess if replacement can be postponed
for moving into new locations
to prepare of audits and inspections
for moving into new locations.

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Concrete Floor Restoration

This project required many years of resin to be removed from concrete.
The challenge was to put down a sealer and a process that would make allow an on going maintenance program to keep the production area clean.

Vibraclean clean successfully was able to remove the resin and apply a coating that made maintenance easier and simpler.

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Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Vinyl Floor Care and Restoration

Vibraclean can efficiently and cost effectively restore, refinish, any vinyl floor surface of any size at any time.
We utilize best practices to meet your facilities needs and to use a floor finish that is best suited for the project.
From very durable sealers, to high gloss finishes to maintaining new floor warranties we have your floors covered.

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Vibraclean has eliminated hazardous floor strippers for all our floor stripping projects

Take a look at some of the end results of our work using sustainable best practices.

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Computer rooms, Training rooms vinyl floor restoration

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Manufacturing plant cafeteria
ESD wax

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Manufacturing plant lab

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Commercial kitchen storage room vinyl floor restoration

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Carpet and upholstery care, gallery,portfolio

Low Moisture Carpet Care

Low moisture carpet care is ideal for busy 24/7 locations or when you need a fast turn around.
Our teams and process specializes in completing very large areas (100,000 sq ft +) in a very short period of time in a cost effective manner.

We utilized and have tested nearly all major manufacturers equipment and products and utilize the best process for your needs. We are vendor neutral and a Certified Contractor for The Carpet and Rug Institute.

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Static Dissipative Carpet Treatment

Operational Grade Static Dissipative Carpet

Vibraclean can convert your existing standard carpeting at a fraction of the cost of static control carpet tiles.

We apply a low to no odor product , long lasting (2 year plus life expectancy) and meet stringent VCO emissions standards. Reduces static charge even on people wearing standard shoes.

Your standard carpet is transformed Operational Grade Static Dissipative Carpet thus helping control the damaging effects caused by the electrostatic discharge of sophisticated electronics. This level of static conductivity fully meets a multitude of high level standards such as ATIS-0600321, Motorola R56(c.3.3 flooring) and FAA STD 019E.

Significantly reduces static by providing electrical conductivity that is considered safe and is approved for use around Energized Equipment.
Measurable resistivity- test like expensive carpet tiles

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