Steramist iHP Achieves Kill on SARS CoV-2 Virus in 5 Seconds


TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.® reports that in a recent study with the University of Virginia’s Office of the Vice President for Research, Center of Comparative Medicine the Company’s SteraMist Surface Unit, utilizing its premier Binary Ionization Technology (BIT™) Solution, achieved a kill on SARS CoV-2 Virus in five seconds, in a real world experience setting.

The UVA study demonstrated a significant reduction at 5-second spray, 7-minute dwell, no wet contact time; and more importantly, when assayed for viable Plaque Forming Units (PFUs) there was no viable virus detected after all exposure methods. There was reduction in the number of SARS CoV-2 PFUs in all exposure methods used to the point where there was no detectable viable coronavirus. The successful study was conducted at the University of Virginia’s Biosafety Level 3 facility, which is approved for Select Agent research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Halden Shane said, “TOMI has the utmost confidence in the efficacy of our disinfection and decontamination capabilities and we welcome opportunities like this recent study to reinforce our claims with the validation of successful scientific studies. Across the world, the focus on killing coronavirus variants has never been sharper. This study confirms user Real World Experience (RWE) with our technology, and our SteraMist equipment + Binary Ionization Technology (BIT™) Solution combination has once again proved that our revolutionary solution is second to none when it comes to quick results and outstanding materials compatibility.”

“These are challenging times from a public health and safety standpoint, and as this successful combined study has demonstrated, from ambulance, life flight, and hospital use to global vaccine production sites and COVID testing supply manufacturing, SteraMist is continually ‘Innovating for a Safer World,” Dr. Shane concluded.

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