TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. Expands Use of SteraMist for Emergency and Health Services


Kansas Department of Health and Environment, recently purchased seven (7) SteraMist® mobile disinfection units for use throughout the state of Kansas.

SteraMist is EPA-registered on list K for Ebola, and has previously been used to combat the spread of this dangerous pathogen though emergency protocols and proven efficacy.

With the assistance of a grant, Kansas Department of Health and Environment purchased a total of seven (7) portable SteraMist Environment Systems, intended for use in emergency outbreaks including, but not limited to, Ebola. The SteraMist Environment Systems reside within strategically placed locations, and are able to be rapidly deployed throughout the state in the event of an emergency outbreak. TOMI provided all necessary protocols, technical training, and maintenance requirements to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

In addition, one of seven of the Kansas Preparedness Healthcare Coalition, the South East Region purchased their own our handheld point and spray SteraMist Surface Unit.

Dr. Halden Shane, CEO, states, “We are proud to have Kansas Department of Health and Environment as one of our premier clients prepared for the fight against pandemic outbreaks and resistant special pathogens, and we appreciate this opportunity to once again demonstrate SteraMist efficacy as a powerful technology aiding in the battle against MDROs (multiple drug resistant organisms) and rising HAI rates.”