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Trusted Provider for 10+ Years in Contamination Control

Trained Technicians

All technicians are trained with extensive real world field experience.

safety action plan

Safety Action Plan

H202 monitoring during execution.
Medically monitored staff.
Proactive + project specific.

Process Validation

3rd party validation service
Cycle development
Availability biological + chemical indicators.

GMP Compliance

We meet industry standards and legal requirements for safety, efficacy and product quality. We develop GMP compliant documentation for the work we perform.

Effectively Managing Bioburden in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology


Routine Cleaning & Maintenance

Vibraclean - Maintaining Your Critical Environment

GMP Trained Staff

Regular cleans are carried out at a regular interval whether daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc., and can be carried out within your own time parameters or those established after consultation as being appropriate for your needs. Regular cleans are designed to help maintain an already stable and fully functional facility…


Vibraclean - Maintaining Your Critical Environment - H2O2 Fogging

Maintaining an environment that is comfortable and free of contagions is essential to produce the most accurate research findings for our world in the life sciences realm, especially for those scientists working in biosafety laboratories who routinely handle the most lethal microorganisms known to science. Utilizing a decontaminant that is effective against pathogens and won’t harm sensitive laboratory equipment is essential to maintaining a productive work environment for these environments…


Critical HVAC Decontamination

Vibraclean - Maintaining Your Critical Environment - HVAC Decontamination

Your Critical HVAC is at the heart of your cleanroom. Trust our team of experts to keep your cleanroom’s heart healthy.

We evaluate and provide advise, guidance and service with your critical HVAC infrastructure.Working with stakeholders to develop best plan of action for each project.Validation of the work with biological and chemical indicators…

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Including Pharmaceutical Industry, Research Centres, Clinical and Medical Laboratories

Vibraclean Regulatory Compliance, Delivered.

Pool of trained & Gown Qualified Staff

FDA & Health Canada Focused

Available Quickly, Scalable Staff, Equipment, Supervision & Project Management

Ideal for your Shut-down, Start-ups, or Meeting Difficult Timelines

Our Service Keeping with Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP)

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