Serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Canada for over 25 years.


Cleanrooms need to be completely free of environmental pollutants and this includes all type of biological contamination whether airborne or present on surface.

Vibraclean provides reliable and validated room bio-decontamination services.

We aim to delivery industry leading service quality to Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Universities, Biotech and Industrial markets.

Vibracleans range of in-house services is unique.

For Cleanroom facilities we offer a complete range of routine services by trained professionals.

Vibraclean also provides a range of rapid and effective validated on-site biological decontamination and sterilisation services in complex regulated environments.

 We specialize in the Controlled Environment Sector:



Experienced, Certified Technicians

Vibraclean Experienced, Certified Technicians

Vibraclean technicians and team leads come to your site to evaluate and propose the best methods for cleanroom cleaning. Our experience spans a variety of environments including BioSafety Level 3 Labs and labs with high levels H2O2.


Trained & Certified Service Technicians:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Trained
  • Good Documentation Practice (GDP) Trained
  • Professionally Licensed & Trained in iHP Technology
  • Fit Tested and Certified
  • Medically-monitored during Decontamination
  • Medically-cleared for site-specific risks
  • Gown qualified staff trained to your standard



Carefully Monitored Projects

Carefully Monitored Projects

Dedicated Safety Person

You are assigned a dedicated safety person from the Vibraclean team. This safety contact oversees and ensures all work is completed accurately and safely. 

The dedicated safety person ensures no clients or employees enter the designated work zone. In addition, the safety person checks ppm levels in all adjacent areas while staying in contact with the client to report findings. Lastly, this trained individual provides emergency first aid support if required.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Levels are Monitored on Site.

Acceptable H2O2 levels vary by Federal, Provincial and State regulations, and exposure limits in Ontario and more other jurisdictions are set at 1ppm. Furthermore, some jurisdictions set a short term exposure limit and a ceiling limit. 

The Vibraclean team observes exposure limit regulations in all jurisdictions and actively monitors levels on-site to ensure compliance.


25+ years

commercial disinfection experience

10+ years

eliminating pathogens for pharmaceutical industry


commercial Liability Insurance for disinfection